DADD 2020 - Digital options
Looking at the continuing COVID-19 crisis, having a physical event in 2020 seems daunting even in November. Therefore we want to explore several digital options and ask for your preferences and feedback.
It will only take a minute and help us out to deliver again a great experience for you.
When we would offer digital options, there are several ways to organize things. Please indicate your preference for this. *
When we would split DADD into half days, what would be your preference? *
When we would spread out with 1 or 2-hour blocks, what would be your preferred timeslot? *
Would you be willing to pay to join DADD digitally and receive extras (such as access to session recordings) *
How much would you be willing to pay to join DADD digitally so we can make sure it is a great experience? (NAF members can join for free) *
Please provide your email address if you want to allow being contacted on your feedback
If you are willing to share, please provide your name and organization
Thanks for your feedback! Any further remarks?
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