Sauces Survey
We are Simpatico Foods; entrepreneurs making sauces; I guess that makes us saucepreneurs. We are breaking free from the home kitchen to make our sauces available to the public. We want to better understand future customers. You can help. Please answer the 10 questions below so you can guide our budding enterprise. We won't share your email with anybody, period. Thank you in advance for sharing your views. Let's begin...
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1) When reflecting on your own eating habits, do you consider yourself health conscious? *
not really
2) How much does it matter that the sauces and marinades you eat are handcrafted in small batches versus produced in a large factory? *
it doesn't matter
it matters greatly
3) How important is it that the sauces you eat have organic, non GMO, recognizable food ingredients without fillers, additives, or artificial anything? *
it doesn't matter
it matters greatly
4) How often do you eat sauces or marinades with your meals? *
5) Have you ever eaten a flavored hot sauce such as peanut, ginger, orange, pineapple, etc? *
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6) When eating sauces and marinades which is your preference, more flavor or more heat? *
7) How hot do you like your hot sauce? *
8) Which foods do you or would you use sauces and marinades with? *
9) How important is it that the sauces you buy support a social cause or charity? Think Newman's Own brand as an example. *
not important
very important
10) Have you ever purchased food or beverages online for home delivery that were not available at your local grocers? Check all that apply... *
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