SCA 50 Year - Artisans' Craft Faire Daily Themed Displays Registration
Please complete a separate form for each day you wish to display on. Items may be displayed on more than one day and do not need to be fully completed. Documentation is encouraged but not required. If you are unable to display on a specific day you may choose to display on an unrelated theme day.
Note: There is a separate form for:
- Performing Arts Day (Displays and Performances) (Friday, 24 June 2016)
- A&S 50 Challenge Day (Saturday, 25 June 2016)
- Fashion Shows (Timeline - Sunday, 19 June 2016/Youth A&S - Wednesday, 22 June 2016/Persona &/or A&S Challenge Item(s) - Sunday, 15 June 2016
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For youth aged participants, how old are you now?
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What would you like to display?
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Which day is your display for?
Note: Performing Arts & Props Day, A&S 50 Challenge Day, & the Fashion Shows have separate forms
Do you have a specific ‘Persona’ to exhibit?
How are you planning to display your work?
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How many ½ tables will you need?
(½ table = 4 ft.)
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How much floor space will you need?
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Would you prefer an indoor or outdoor display space?
Do you have any other needs for your display?
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May we print out your SCA Name with title(s), Kingdom,URL, and display subject for the table signs?
By checking Yes below, you acknowledge that SCA 50 Year staff is not responsible for your items if you leave your display. Please find an associate to transport, set up, look after, and pick up your display as necessary.
Thank you for participating in the A&S Themed Displays!
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