Selena Isles Yoga Scholarship Application 2020

Welcome to the Selena Isles Yoga Scholarship Application, I am happy you have taken a step closer to cultivating a relationship with the self. It is truly a magical journey, I am glad that I made leap into twenty odd years ago.

Maybe you have gotten a chance to know me either in person or in class and this is why you are called to be here now.

This scholarship is intended for students who: self-identify as Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color, LGBTQ; you have a consistent practice and commitment to yoga, you have a desire to teach yoga and are able to attend all dates of the training.

You can choose to answer the questions here in the form and submit it and the magic of Google will direct your responses to Selena
You can send a short video of you answering the questions and telling Selena about yourself. For all video submissions please email them with SIY 2020 SCHOLARSHIP in the subject field. Using your phone is totally fine - be yourself NO FRILLS ( unless Frills are your thing)

Selected students will be notified via email with their welcome package and information.

Thank you for taking the time to share yourself with me
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If Yes, what impact has yoga had on your life? Describe your current practice.
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How do you plan to use these teachings in your life over the next year?
Do you plan to teach after completing the Teacher Training? If so, under what circumstances & to whom? *
Your most defining moment of this year so far: *
Your most defining moment of last year:
What your one-year plan or vision for integrating this teaching into your life?
Do you feel you will attain something during the training?
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And what is that?
Five books that have most influenced your practice your daily decision-making:
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