Genesee Dance Theatre School Registration
Registration fees are waived for students enrolling by June 1, 2019!
$10 registration fee before July 1
$20 standard registration fee per family after July 1. After completing your enrollment you will receive an invoice via email along with our Student Handbook. Your registration is not confirmed until the registration fee is received.

RETURNING STUDENTS: No need to fill out this form! Please text (585) 237-8815 or email with your child's name and the word YES to re-enroll this year.

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If your student has danced before, please indicate number of years, style of dance studied and name of studio or instructor. This will aid our director in determining the most appropriate initial class placement for your student. If your student has never danced, simply write "none."
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Program Choice
Select the program(s) your student is interested in. For programs with multiple levels, we will place your child according to age, experience and ability. See the class descriptions page on the website for more information about each class option.
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