Objectifs Curator Open Call
Application deadline: 11 March 2019 (11.59PM SGT)

Curator Open Call invites Singapore-based curators to submit proposals for an exhibition to be realised at the Chapel Gallery, Objectifs. This is part of our ongoing effort to broaden perspectives by supporting curatorial research and innovative ways of presenting image-based work.

The selected proposal will receive financial and institutional support to produce a group or solo exhibition with related public programmes. The curator will be awarded a $1,000 honorarium and an $8,000 production budget with which to produce the show. In addition, Objectifs will provide the curator with production and installation advice, and marketing support.

The show will be presented in August 2019. The submissions will be assessed by Objectifs and an external panel.


1. The main applicant must be a curator who is either a Singaporean or a Singapore Permanent Resident.

2. The curators must be based in Singapore up to 3 months before the opening of the show, and must be present for its installation and de-installation.

3. We welcome proposals from curatorial teams or collaborations with curators of other nationalities/based overseas.

4. Artists may apply as curators, only as part of a group show or as a curator for another artist’s work.


1. At least 50% of the works must be either photo or film based.

2. At least 50% of the artists proposed must be either Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Residents. We understand that the line up may change in the planning of the show, but encourage curators to submit their most realistic list.

3. The proposed show must not have been presented before.

4. The proposal must include plans for at least two public programmes. These can include artist/curator talks, panel discussions, screenings and performances.

5. Extra consideration will be given to proposals with a creative approach to curatorial research or that respond to contemporary issues or concerns.

6. Apart from the Chapel Gallery, applicants may also consider utilising outdoor spaces such as the Objectifs courtyard.


The recipients of this programme will be determined via an open call. Applications must be submitted by 11 March 2019 (11.59PM SGT) through the Objectifs website. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. We will not accept any late applications after the deadline. Applicants will be notified by April 2019.


1. Production budget of SGD $8,000. The final amount will be confirmed upon Objectifs' approval of the budget. Disbursement will be based on actual expenditure.
The production budget will cover the following expenses:
a. Direct production costs (e.g.: printing, fabrication, painting)
b. Personnel costs (e.g.: artist honorariums, speaker honorariums, technical labour, project management fees, designer fees)
c. The Curator(s) will be reimbursed for these costs on a monthly basis. They must submit a claims form, substantiated by receipts or invoices, by the 25th of each month to Objectifs

2. Curator fee of SGD $1,000
a. The curator will receive 50% of the fee at the start of the project, and 50% on completion of the exhibition at Objectifs.

3. As producers of the exhibition, Objectifs will provide administrative and marketing support, and artistic and logistical guidance where necessary.


1. A 100 word summary of the proposed project

2. A detailed statement about the concept of the exhibition (no longer than 500 words)

3. A list of proposed artists and short bios for each

4. CV of the curator/curating team

5. A completed budget worksheet (please download the template from the Objectifs website)

6. Work samples
o At least 4 images per artist must be submitted. Where the work is yet to be created, please submit a short statement outlining the concept and images of past work and sample images for context.
o For video or sound work, please provide URL links and passwords where required




a. Applicants must be 21 years old and above, and be conversant in English.

b. Applicants may apply for other grants/project funds, concurrent with the development of the exhibition.

c. Objectifs reserves the right to the final selection. We regret that we are unable to provide feedback for applicants who are not selected.


a. Successful applicants should be committed to presenting the exhibition at Objectifs in August 2019.

b. The project may not be postponed. Any postponement and/or cancellation must be fully explained in writing. In the event the curator(s) is unable to fulfill the terms of the programme without valid reasons, Objectifs reserves the right to recover partial or full costs as provided during the programme.

c. The production budget must be used only for the exhibition in accordance with the description given in the proposal to Objectifs. While we understand that changes may occur along the way, applicants should submit proposals and budgets that are realistic and feasible.

d. Any changes made to the exhibition must be sought from Objectifs at least 3 weeks in advance of the implementation of the change(s). Such changes include any changes to the programme, key artistic personnel, art work and presentation plans. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of any funding.

e. The funding shall not be assigned or transferred without the written consent of Objectifs.


a. The curator(s) and artists will retain copyrights of all works developed or produced for the exhibition.

b. The curator(s) and artists guarantee that they are entitled to reproduce and exploit all of the underlying rights in their projects – e.g. music and images. The curator(s) and exhibiting artists must have the permission or rights to all parts of their work and indemnify Objectifs against any claims in relation to such guarantees.

c. We request that artists allow Objectifs reproduction rights for works that will be exhibited. Such reproduction will only be for non-commercial purposes in relation to the programme, highlighting the partners’ support for the event and in promotional material relating to the programme – all images, video clips or works reproduced will include a credit to the artist.

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