Camp OrgOrg 2020 Recommendations
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Which San Francisco area venue(s) would you recommend for Camp OrgOrg 2020? We anticipate 300+ attendees and require a room to hold everyone during the main session, a space for catered meals, plus 3-4 rooms for breakout tracks.
If you have a contact at one or more of your recommendations, please list their contact information so that we may reach out. (Last year, we held Camp at the Bespoke conference center at the Westfield mall downtown)
Would your company be interested in sponsoring Camp?
If so, please write your company name and the best person to contact regarding sponsorships.
Which of your favorite vendors would you love to see at Camp?
Please list as many or as few as you'd like. If you have contact information for any vendors, list below.
What topics would you love to see on the Camp schedule?
Please list as many or as few as you'd like. If you have any speaker or panelist recommendations, please list them and their contact information below.
Did you attend Camp in 2018?
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If you answered yes to the above questions, would you recommend Camp OrgOrg to a friend?
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Any other thoughts, suggestions, ideas about our upcoming Camp OrgOrg or, if applicable, your past Camp OrgOrg experience?
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