Terragen Educational License Program Application for Individuals
Fill out this form to apply for a free, individual license of Terragen Professional for educational purposes. Please read all instructions below IN FULL.

All individuals interested in obtaining a license for their own educational use must apply separately. If you would like to apply for multiple licenses on behalf of an organization, department, program, etc., please revisit the Educational License Program page and click on the appropriate form link: https://planetside.co.uk/educational-license-program/

In order to qualify for this program, you must provide proof of current educational status as a student, teacher or other faculty member, or staff of an educational institute. Please provide all answers in English.

Educational licenses are valid for 1 year from the time of approval and may only be used for non-commercial, educational purposes. You may request license renewal on an annual basis for as long as you maintain educational status as a student, teacher, or staff member of an educational institution.

Email addresses will only be used for correspondence regarding the Terragen Educational License Program. If approved you may be asked to provide occasional feedback to us on your experience with Terragen and the Educational License Program.
Email *
Applicant's Full Name *
Your full name using ONLY English characters, or the name of the person you are applying on behalf of, e.g. if you are a parent applying for your child. Please note that this must match the document(s) that you later provide as proof of status (see below). PLEASE DO NOT USE SPECIAL CHARACTERS (e.g. accent characters), our key generator does not support them at this time.
Name of Educational Institution *
The educational organization that you are affiliated with, either as a student, faculty, or staff member. Please use the English translation if it is not an English name. Please also avoid use of abbreviations, acronyms, initialisms, etc. If you are home-schooled, you may provide the name of the authorizing organization that oversees your home-school education. PLEASE DO NOT USE SPECIAL CHARACTERS (e.g. accent characters), our key generator does not support them at this time.
Type of Educational Use *
Tell us whether you are a student, faculty, or staff member. You can use the "other" option if your affiliation does not fit into those options, but please provide a short explanation.
Date of Graduation or Completion (if applicable)
Please select the date when you expect to graduate or complete your studies. If this is not applicable, for example you are a faculty member, you can skip this question.
Providing Proof of Educational Status
In the next section we will need you to provide at least one *dated* document demonstrating your current educational status. Please ensure your document shows a future date, either of expiration, or expected completion. We cannot accept a date of issue alone as proof of status. Examples of valid documents include student IDs (with date of expiration/completion), status or acceptance letters from your institution (showing date of completion or program duration and start date), *screenshots* of your student dashboard showing current/future classes, your name, and the date, etc.

We request that you use the free WeTransfer service to transmit your document(s) to us, and provide the URL of your upload below. If you need to submit multiple documents, please enclose them in a .zip archive only. You may upload to WeTransfer for free, without an account, at the following URL: https://wetransfer.com/ You can use the email address registrations@planetside.co.uk to send to from WeTransfer, if desired, but you will still need to paste the correct file URL into the form field below.

Note that we cannot accept the URL of your student dashboard/portal as proof of status!

For all provided documents, please remove any financial information or other sensitive data. We make best effort to secure all data provided to us, but we disclaim responsibility for any unauthorized or unintentional access that a 3rd party may gain to the data you submit.
URL of Supporting Document(s) *
Remember, please upload via WeTransfer, and for multiple files use a .zip archive: https://wetransfer.com/ Alternatively if you are a faculty or other staff member and you have a web page that shows your status, you may use that URL here.
Additional Notes or Explanation
If you need to provide any additional details you can do so below. This is optional.
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