Flying Sams at UCLA Crash Course Online Quiz and Tutorials Fall 2019
In order to be eligible to attend clinic trips, you must pass this training tutorial with a score of 80% or higher (32/40 questions answered correctly). You only need to complete this training (along with an oral exam if you have not passed the oral examination before) ONCE to be eligible for clinic trips for the entire school year. You must complete the training with a passing score before you take your oral exam to be eligible to become a member of Flying Samaritans at UCLA and to go on clinic trips. Individual clinic trip sign-up deadlines are announced via email to the general mailing list. The quiz has 40 multiple-choice questions and your progress cannot be saved once you begin, so please plan accordingly. The training is not timed and you may submit it as many times as you would like. You can view your score immediately after taking the quiz.

Before beginning, please review this PowerPoint for an overview of all the material covered in this quiz:

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Crash Course and Online Quiz
The following sections contain 40 multiple choice questions divided up into sections that contain information relevant to your membership and site visits. Please read or go through all the material presented and answer all the questions that follow. Also keep in mind that your progress will not be saved as you work through this form. Your form is not completed and received until you hit submit on the last section.
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