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Submit your Streamer/Youtuber info for a chance to get featured. Please note that submission does not guarantee you will be added into Trello and if you were to get featured on site it could take a long time. You can check to see if you have made it past the submission stage by searching for yourself in Trello.

As is the name, Indie Game Lover focuses on indie games so these features will be for gamers who do a decent amount and variety of indies (it does not need to be fully indie nor any specific type of indie). In other words, if you mostly play Fornite or Apex right now you wont be pulled as a feature here but you could still come and hang out with us as a gaming unit in Discord.

Note: This is also for individual people who are gamers and identify as being a "Youtuber/Streamer" with video content. This is not for news themed channels, trailer channels, list channels, voiceless channels, or channels that house a bunch of different gamers and such.

Also: If you only live stream and don't have videos that save on your channel your chances of being featured are reduced due to having to try to time sampling your live stream first.

Last: if your hook is tearing apart the games you play, like that is your "thing" that people come for, then it won't fit here. Honest criticisms, jokes about glitches, and truthfulness about bad games and such are fine but if all your videos and streams are purely meant to tear down games on purpose with pure hate then it clashes with this site.

Feel free to come hang out in Discord.


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