Timothy A. Johnson Medical Scholar Seminar Speaker Nomination
You are invited to submit your nomination for speaker for the 2020-21 academic year. If you would like to make multiple nominations, this form will need to be completed separately for each nominee.

Please note that nominees must hold an MD or MD/PhD degree. We are seeking nominees who:
• Carry out and publish cutting-edge research (basic, translational, or clinical)
• Are outstanding clinicians
• Are recognized as leaders in their field as evidenced by awards, invited keynote speaker roles, appointments, etc.
• Conduct research that ties in with the basic science being learned by students throughout each block.

Block Descriptions:

• Block 1 - cellular and molecular biology; genetics; hematology; metabolism; immunology
• Block 2 - embryology; cardiovascular; respiration
• Block 3 - epidemiology; gastrointestinal function; renal function; endocrinology; reproduction
• Block 4 - central nervous system; peripheral nervous system; special sensory systems

If you have questions, please contact:
Leslie LaConte, lacon001@vtc.vt.edu
Michael Friedlander, friedlan@vtc.vt.edu
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