Kindred Spirits (Essential Elements, #1) by Lauren Cutrera Release Blitz
Event Date: July 30th

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Spirit. Fire. Water. Earth. Air.

Rory Roosevelt inherited some of her family’s paranormal gifts, including the ability to interact with ghosts. She assists every murdered person who appears seeking help, even ones like snarky socialite Astrid Haas. As if attempting to help Astrid discover the identity of her killer, running Nostalgia Road Bed & Breakfast, and maintaining her web design business weren’t enough to keep her busy, sweet but sassy Rory unexpectedly finds herself in the company of Caden Brody, a mercenary of sorts who eliminates murderers who can’t be legally brought to justice. He and his four brothers, all adopted, have dedicated their lives to their cause, not examining their origins too closely or planning for their futures.

Connecting their families’ pasts, Rory and Caden realize that they must unite with Beck, David, Sawyer, and Thorn, Caden’s brothers, in order to stop Astrid’s killer, a megalomaniac who dreams of ruling the world by unleashing a terrible evil. Each Brody brother possesses a paranormal talent that represents a key component to the success of their mission, but Rory and Caden are the essential elements in a life-and-death struggle that will determine their survival and the opportunity for them to enjoy a lifetime of love.
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