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• Entrepreneurship, motivation, and success is our focus. We like articles that fit within the self development genre: Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Success, Inspiration, Spirituality, and Life.

• We like our articles to be informative, interesting, a little personal, but not too personal and positive. We want to help our readers grow and feel inspired. So using long quotes and speeches for the bulk of your point or information is not something we are looking for.

• Make your article interesting and easier to follow by including subheadings to break up content. Single sentence lines are not what we are looking for. Make sure to submit your article in paragraph format. Short paragraphs make the article easier to read. If you need an example, have a look at any article on our website and you will see our formatting style.

• We do not promote guest contributors’ websites, products, or services in the body of the article. Our focus is to provide our readers with practical advice, not for us to promote your products and services. We do allow you to provide 1-2 links within the body of the article to articles you have written for other websites. Just make sure they are to articles you have written, not to your eBook or mastermind class. The links will be reviewed and if the editors feel the links are not relevant or don’t belong, they do have the right to remove them. Links that you submit in your article are not guaranteed to be in there when we publish it.

• Our readers want originality. We will not accept already published content. Whether it has been published on your own personal blog, social media platforms, or with another publication, we will not consider it.


• General articles about entrepreneurship

• General mindset articles without take-aways or actionable points

• Super technical articles

• Articles that use a lot of jargon

• No Kickstarter or Indiegogo Campaigns

• Avoid self-promotional language and articles promoting yourself with no reader value

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