Enrapture: Noah's Fate
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Book Summary
Ian, the sinister shadow, has been haunting our heroes, Noah and Ethan. He reveals himself before Noah as an Angel trapped in Earth’s realm, after being banished from the Heavens with Lucifer aeons before. He tries his best to seduce, provoke, and manipulate Noah to bring him around to his side. He is desperate to return to his Heaven, but the cost is beyond anyone's expectations! Noah eventually discovers Ian isn’t alone; there comes his entire gang of malicious monsters, devious devils and his merciless Master. Together they can induce nightmares and manipulate human minds. Noah understands their games and stands strong, but how long can he survive? Once again he stands at the indecisive point where he finds he may lose everything he values. On the other hand, Marvel is busy practicing his secret cult empowering himself with the Celestial Powers which can only be obtained once in a millennium. Thereafter he expands his Army and keeps many secrets from Noah and Ethan. On the final front, Monsters were able to scare and seduce Ethan to bring confusion into their relationship. Fighting alone on all fronts, Noah manages to make a deal with the Monsters. But what is the deal and who will be victorious? Can true love survive?

GoodReads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35697676-enrapture

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