Pediatric Sleep Consultation- Inquiry Form
At Snugbub we provide age appropriate solutions to parents to deal with different sleep issues, right from the age 0 to 10. The sleep plans are evidence based and tailored to individual family needs and circumstances. The sleep consultations are online, catering to parents across the globe.

The Approach for Sleep consults is
- On the basis of gentle and attachment parenting (No Sleep training/ cry it out methods)
- Respectful of the needs of the baby as well as the caregivers
- long term and sustainable

Plan A: INR 3,000 (per child)
This is an elaborate consultation, where we dive in deep to find out whats going on right, what can be improved and to find the missing links. This covers in depth study of the situation through a detailed background information form followed by a 60-90 min consultation call. The sleep plan is then sent to you in a written report format for easy reference. We then follow up over a call after a week's time to review the progress and make any changes to the plan if required.

Plan B: INR 2,000 (per child)
This plan covers everything in Plan A except the written report

Plan C: INR 1,500 (per child)
This is suitable for those parents who need those little fixes to be done, or need some tips to manage specific sleep situations which doesn't need a thorough assessment. This includes one consultation call for 30-45 minutes

Plan D: INR 1,000 (per child)
Ask me any 3 questions on sleep and I'll reply over an email. Suitable for those who have any specific questions regarding their child's sleep and those who love documentation

You can reach out to me at 9620162128 for booking a consult or further information. On receipt of this information, we will send out an email with further steps/ info based on the plan you have chosen. You can make the payment to UPI id : prachipendurkar@icici
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