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1. In which EMEA market are you active? (Multiple answers possible)
2. In which EMEA markets would you like to strengthen your activities? (Multiple answers possible)
3. How many clients do you already have in Europe?
4. Please rate the following ambition questions
The EMEA market is very important to your company
Your company has developed hard objectives for the EMEA market
Your company has allocated time for the EMEA market
Your company has allocated budget for the EMEA market
You know that you are price competitive in your niche for EMEA
You have a EMEA price strategy defined
We know your competitors' product program in the EMEA market
Your marketing material is ready for EMEA languages and culture
You know your competitors distribution channels in EMEA
Your product margin is not sensitive
Your product needs to be sold by skilled sales people
You have a good coverage in all the different market segments of our industry
You use all the different distribution channels that are required in EMEA (e.g. OEM, direct, rep, distributor)
You know the promotion activities of our EMEA competitors
Your presentation documentation is ready for the EMEA market
You consider giving service and support in the same time zone is important
Your teams speak the right local languages for each EMEA target market
Your sales and marketing team has a network of contacts in place and is recognized within the target markets
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