Black, Latinx/Hispanic, and Native American/Indigenous in Process Systems Engineering
This form captures our knowledge on Black, Latinx/Hispanic, and Native American/Indigenous people who work in process systems engineering (PSE). If you’re interested to identify yourself as an ally, we’re also happy to gather your data.

Please add yourself if:

- You're a Black, Latinx/Hispanic, Native American/Indigenous person working in PSE and you have an undergraduate degree in a related field.

- If you do not self-identify as Black, Latinx/Hispanic, Native American/Indigenous but are still interested to register as an ally, please register your Affiliation type as an “Ally”.

If you're happy to support Black, Latinx/Hispanic, Native American/Indigenous in PSE, please send this form to your colleagues.

Please email,, or with questions/comments. If you've been added to this list without your permission, we're happy to remove you.
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