Listenwise School Closure License Request

At Listenwise we are committed to helping students succeed, especially in challenging times.

**If you are a parent or teacher looking for a Listenwise account just for you, don't fill out this form below, all you need to do is go to in order to access Listenwise Premium free for 90 days (we are happy to extend afterwards if need be). If you already have an account with us you can access free Premium for 90 days from your dashboard.**

If you are looking to set up a whole school set up or multiple teachers, you are in the right place. Please complete this form to get full access to Listenwise Premium at no cost for your school site through May 31st. If needed, we can extend this offer until your school reopens.

Since we are a small team, it may take up to 24 hours for us to fulfill your request, thank you for your patience!


ABOUT US: Listenwise is an online platform that supports remote learning with easy-to-use lessons and quizzes. Listenwise offers a collection of more than 2000 lessons featuring brief nonfiction audio stories for students in grades 2-12. Lessons addresses current events and popular curriculum topics in English language arts, social studies, and science. Listenwise sources podcasts from NPR and other producers of high quality educational audio content.

Listenwise lessons help students develop listening comprehension and other core literacy skills and build academic vocabulary and background knowledge in a wide range of domains. They offer opportunities for students to engage in critical thinking about important topics and make connections between the curriculum and the world outside of school.
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