Spring Fling Hunt Designer Application
Dear Designer,
Welcome to the Spring Fling Hunt.

The Hunt runs from March 1st to 31st

Rules are as follows:
1) Hunt locations with store order will now be provided on the website only.

2) Be sure your hunt prim with gift is out by February 27th. The Walkthrough will be on Feb 28th.

3) Be sure if anything goes wrong with your store you let us know ASAP. (Moved Store NC is on pack)

4) Theme is Spring. Portray spring from the eyes of the beholder. This is a $1L, All stores are allowed Including gestures, decor, female, male or unisex items as well as children items, textures etc. Please Note that all Adult sim stores will be placed at the end of the list.

5) There are NO Sponsors for the Hunt. Your placement will depend on first come; first on list basis. Hence, all stores will be equally advertised during the hunt.

6) Submit the Hint notecards latest by February 26th so all information can be placed on the website.

7) Hunt Pictures must be submitted latest by February 27th for advertisement purposes.

8) Be sure hunt poster and hint giver is out where hunters can see it. Rez your Hunt posters when you receive your Welcome/Final Pack. There will be only 1 final kit sent to you. If you think you missed it drop a mail at blossomgia@gmail.com

9) Failure to follow the Timeline will cause you to be removed from the hunt regretfully.

Let's have some fun! ☺️

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