inStill Gallery Experiences K–3 Program Interest Form
Beginning in Fall 2020, the Clyfford Still Museum will start offering inStill Gallery Experiences programs designed for students in grades K–3. This spring, we are hoping to learn more from K–3 teachers about successful experiences you have had on other field trips, your goals in booking a field trip, and how you envision a trip to the Museum. Your answers will help us plan pilot experiences and ensure our programs are developmentally appropriate, accessible, curriculum-aligned, and fun for all students.
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What grade(s) do you teach?
What subject(s) do you teach?
Have you visited the Clyfford Still Museum?
Describe a memorable field trip you've taken with K–3 students. What did you do? What made it special?
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Imagine the moments in class when students are feeling successful, having fun, and are fully engaged. What are students doing?
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How important are the following factors when planning a field trip?
1 Most important
2 Important
3 Neutral
4 Not important
5 Least important
Connections to curriculum
A new experience for students
Developmentally appropriate practice
Low cost/free
Can accommodate 70+ students
Bus/transportation funding available
Culturally responsive teachers
Accessible to students with disabilities
What are your biggest barriers to field trips?
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If we offered experiences that addressed the skills below, which would you be most interested in? Please choose up to 3 options or add your own.
Would you be willing to collaborate with us on the creation of experiences?
Would you be willing to pilot experiences with your students by visiting the museum?
Would you like to be added to our mailing list to receive more information when K–3 experiences are launched?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please provide your email address.
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