GSA Advice Service Feedback
The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback from users of the GSA Advice Service and to evaluate the service. Your feedback is really important in letting us know how we can improve the Service in the future.

Your feedback may also be used in publicly available reports on the Advice Service, but any information used in such reports will be anonymous, and we will not use any information in these reports which could be used to identify you.

All of your responses to the Survey will be anonymous (unless you choose to enter your email address in order to discuss the responses you have given). If you do choose to leave your email address, we will retain this for a maximum of one year. After this year, your email address will be deleted, but we will retain the rest of your answers to the form.

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please do feel free to contact us at
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What is your level of study? *
What is your programme of study? *
What is your fee status? *
How easy did you find it to access the service?  (Please consider the location, environment and how easy you found it to book an appointment)
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If you found accessing the service difficult, please can you tell us why?
If you needed an appointment, how many working days (i.e. Monday - Friday, excluding Bank Holidays) did you have to wait for your appointment?
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Which Adviser did you speak with?
I spoke with the Adviser about (please tick all that apply): *
My appointment was (please check all that apply): *
Please state how much you agree with the following statements: *
Strongly disagree
Not sure
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The adviser was friendly and approachable
I would recommend the service to a friend
If necessary, I would book another appointment with this service
I am satisfied with the level of support and advice the GSA Advice Service can offer
If you were considering withdrawing from the University, has the support you have received helped you to continue with your studies?
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Did you receive the advice and support you needed from your appointment?
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If you answered "no", can you please tell us why?
Is there anything you think the Advice Service does well?
Is there anything the GSA Advice Service could do to improve the service offered to students?
If you would like to discuss your answers to this questionnaire, please leave your email address here. Please note that this is optional - you don't need to leave your email address unless you would like to discuss your answers further.
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