Better Player Challenge
Week 1 Winner Sofia
Week 2 Winner Emily
Week 3 Winner Danielle
Week 4 Winner JoJo
Week 5 Winner Lily
Week 6 Winner Ash
Week 7 Winner Whitley
Week 8 Winner Myla
Week 9 Winner Kennedy

Update:  Players may substitute one of their Stickworks with Cradling the Alphabet.

Our players have been successful because of their hard work, stick skills and dedication.  We expect each player to do at least their lacrosse homework at least 2-3 days per week. We are going to make this competitive to encourage each girl to improve their game at home.  We will do a drawing for a prize each week of May and June for any player who does at least 4 days of homework.   The overall winner of the challenge, who does the most homework between now and the end of summer will win a $200 gift card.  In the event of a tie, we will do gift cards shared..  A player may get 18 points maximum per week.  Contest starts 4/20/2022.

10- 50 yard sprints no stick, (sprint 50 yards walk back and immediately begin next sprint)
15 Big Big Little Little 10 yard sprint ABCD  Approach Breakdown Contact Direct

*Alternatively, speed and agility classes or (other sport or non Beast Mode practice may count for the physical challenge. Players doing 30 min of any other strenuous physical activity may count as well.


BEGINNERS and K-3 (Reduce to 5, 10, or 15 reps each to gain confidence if needed, basket catches don't count, do it for 3 different days, then work your way up) You should not spend more than 20 min total on your stickwork. A player gets 1 point for each 10 minutes they spend improving their game, regardless if they complete the all the throws in 10 minutes.  Max=2 points per day on stick work.

25 right hand passes and catches (does not count if you drop it)
25 left hand passes and catches (does not count if you drop it)
25 catch, switch hands, pass other hand (does not count if you drop it)

The goal is to work up to Advanced Player work


1. One-Hand Throw/Catch x10
2. Catch 1-Cradle Throw x10
3. Canadian Cross-Face x10
4. Quick Stick x10
5. Switch Hands/Split x20
6. One-Hand Throw/Catch x10
7. Catch 1-Cradle Throw x10
8. Canadian Cross-Face x10
9. Quick Stick x10
10. THROW ONE WAY/CATCH THE OTHER AND ALTERNATE (Throw Right, Catch Left, Throw Left, Catch Right...) x20

MAY DO Stickwork 2 TIMES PER DAY and Physical Challenge once per day!

The top 10 will be posted to the app weekly.

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