RPS Remote Learning: Survey for Families
Rockland Public Schools have developed a comprehensive Hybrid Learning Model for students PreK-12 for the 2020-2021 school year. Our Hybrid Learning Model provides students will the opportunity to have direct in-person instruction for 5 days, followed by 5 days of remote learning.

Rockland Public Schools also offered families a Fully-Remote Learning Model for students PreK-12 who needed another option to meet their family's needs for the 2020-2021 school year.

Rockland Public Schools value the school community's feedback on our PreK-12 Remote and Hybrid Learning Models. Please take a few minutes to share your experience with us.
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1. Which learning model does your child participate in this year? *
2. How many of your children attend Rockland Public Schools?
3. Which schools do your children attend?
4. Is the remote work that is assigned by your school easily understood by your child?
5. How frequently does your child receive feedback on their remote work?
6. How easy or difficult has it been for your child to get individual learning support from their teacher if needed on their remote weeks?
7. Does your child have the necessary skills to access the technologies used by the school for remote learning?
8. How often do technical issues disrupt your child's learning?
9. In general, how satisfied are you with the technology support your child receives from school?
10. In addition to the RPS Chromebook, what devices and resources do you have available at home to support your child's learning?
11. In your opinion, where does your child need the most support at this moment?
How confident are you with supporting your child's remote learning at home?
13. Please select ways in which you support your child during remote learning:
14. From your observations, how well is your child coping with the current learning model?
15. On average, how many hours per day does your child spend on schoolwork?
16. How much time do you expect your child to work on assignments during the day?
17. On average, how many hours per day do you spend on supporting your child's learning remotely?
18. How well are you coping with your child learning from home?
19. How clear has the communication from the school been during the remote learning weeks?
20. How often does your child's teacher contact you during the remote learning weeks?
21. In general, how satisfied are you with the school's remote learning model?
22. How confident do you feel about your child making progress during the remote learning weeks?
23. What else could the school do to help your child learn remotely?
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