Applicant Questionnaire
Mission Renew - August 9-15, 2018
Mission Renew Pwofesè - June 26- July 1 2018 | $1000
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5. Have you been to Haiti with Mission Renew before? (If YES, please provide the years and skip to questions 10.) *
6. How did you hear about Mission Renew? If you know someone who has been on the trip before, list their name.
7. Do you have any Missionary Experience? If so, in a paragraph or two, please explain.
8. In a paragraph or two, please tell us why you would like to join Mission Renew for our trip to Haiti this year?
9. Have you ever been to a Mission Renew Fundraiser? If so, which one?
10. If you are invited to attend a Mission Renew trip in 2018, which dates would you be available for? *
11. Please view our Mission Statement here: Would you be able to accept and support our Mission Statement throughout the upcoming trip? *
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