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This form is designed to help the parish leadership get to know and understand the various proposals that people are offering for Discipleship Groups. Your answers here will also help us organize and publicize the various Discipleship Groups we offer. Thank you for participation and service to the parish!

*** Please read through the following paragraphs before you fill out the form ***

Our Parish Vision
St. Ignatius of Loyola is a welcoming and joyful spiritual home where we encounter Jesus, choose to follow Him, and become fully alive. We are missionary disciples who help all people to know, love, and serve Christ and His Kingdom.
What is a Discipleship Group?
The Parish Pastoral Council has defined Discipleship as the commitment to lifelong growth in following (being with) and emulating (becoming like) Jesus Christ. A Discipleship Group is simply a group of people who, for a fixed time, participate in this growth together.

Disciples are desirous to learn about the rich traditions and heritage of the Catholic faith and about one another’s faith journeys. We connect the experienced, newcomers, and seekers with similar questions or interests to learn about Jesus, who He is, and how best to follow Him. This learning equips us to become a network of disciples who make disciples!

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