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The North Hills School District administration and board have expressed a desire for us to try to create a recording of our show in a socially distanced, safe manner. We must submit a safety plan to administrators before we are permitted to do this. What we need to find out, however, is how much of our production cast and crew would be willing and able to join us to make this recording.

In the interest of safety, we would purchase the performance accompaniment tracks rather than risking live wind players indoors, so the pit players would not need to attend this (as much as we’d love to have you all with us!). Additionally, to avoid extra contact, we also would not need hair or make-up crew to attend - just a few costume and props crew members to help with quick changes. Since this is for video and not so folks in the back of the audience can see you, girls can do their own make-up ahead of time, boys would be optional if someone at home wanted to help before arriving - just no face touching by students once we arrive!

We would likely have several small group, outdoor or Zoom rehearsals to brush up and review ahead of time. The main meeting would require 2 days of rehearsal to review songs, dances, and scenes as well as how to safely work scene and costume changes (and rework anything that may need to be re-blocked or choreographed due to those who are not available or to allow for appropriate social distancing). We would create a detailed schedule of who is to be in attendance at specific times on each day to minimize interactions. On the 3rd day, we would do a run-through in the morning, break for lunch, then try to record a full run of the show, stopping as needed for breaks, resetting, circulating air, wiping down surfaces, etc.

We are going to meet after reviewing the responses to this form to finalize the specifics of the plans and how exactly it will all take place before we submit for approval. Things we are considering are to have temperature checks upon arrival, spacing chairs out in the hallways outside the auditorium, in Rooms A117, B121, the gym, and choir room. Stage managers would be positioned at the doors to the stage and call groups on when it is their time to be on stage. Only those directly on the stage for a particular scene or song would be permitted in the back stage area, with masks on until entering stage. Masks would need to be worn at all other times except for the scene, song, or dance on stage, or if making a costume change quickly. Crew members would wear masks at all times. Breaks would be taken after certain amounts of time and fans brought in to circulate air and allow for surfaces to be wiped down.

No one else would be allowed in or out of our part of the building during the time we are practicing or performing. Lunch would be provided, with small groups staggered and sent to the tables to get food and as long as the weather cooperates, everyone would eat outside the building spaced out.

More information is included later in this form. Please begin completing and read all parts before digitally signing at the end. We need to have STUDENT AND PARENT consent in order to proceed with planning.
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