Clutter Website Survey
The goal of this survey is to gage how folks perceive Clutter's brand through the company's website. The website was not designed by the administrators of this survey, so please feel free to be as honest as you are comfortable! This survey has two parts: 1) demographic questions and 2) website perception.

This is the benchmarking survey, i.e., this survey will reveal the website's current state today. In one week, there will be a follow-up survey asking similar questions about a potential redesign. Thank you for participating!

* Note: this survey is not administered by Clutter. It is being administered as part of a design exercise by an unaffiliated party. No part of this activity reflects Clutter's official stances, policy, or roadmap in any way.
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Which of the following activities have you done in the past 5 years? (Please check all that apply.)
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What is the first thing you notice about the website?
Based on the website, what do you think Clutter is?
Based on the website, how trustworthy is Clutter to you?
Not trustworthy
Extremely trustworthy
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Based on the website, how caring is Clutter to you?
Not caring
Extremely caring
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Based on the website, how competent is Clutter to you?
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Thank you for taking the survey! Stay tuned for a similar survey with a website redesign in one week.
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