The Ways to Have a Better Dialogue for Empathy with Indigenous Communities in Asia (8/29 : 14:00 to 16:30 (Philippines/Malaysia Time))
Supported by the Toyota Foundation

Greeting from Project Leader
Lu lu (Byar Myar Gay), Co-Chair of AEAN Green Justice Network

Session 1. Presentation: Meeting Indigenous communities in Asia

"Tourism vs Sustainable Management on Heritage" from Ifugao Team: Ifugao State University
"Forest resource management" from Karenni team: Karenni Evergreen
"Sustainable farming & foods security" from Lun Bawang (Long Semadoh) team: Langit Collective

Session 2. Panel Discussion: Dialogue for Empathy with indigenous communities in Asia

Facilitator: Prof. Marissa Bulong from Ifugao State University

Ifugao team (Eulalie D. Dulnuam, Director for GIAHS Center: Clyde B. Pumihic from Ifugao State University)
Karenni team (Lu lu from AGREEN: Naw Ah Mu, Director of KEG)
Lun Bawang (Long Semadoh) team (Chan Zi Xiang, Co-founder of Langit Collective: Lilian Chen, Co-founder of Langit Collective)

Comments on the sessions
Prof. Emma Porio from Ateneo de Manila University
Prof. Vishalache Balakrishnan from University of Malaya

Q&A session & closing:

Moderator: Clyde B. Pumihic, Project Coordinator, Ifugao State University
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