PHRASES Fellows Application
Please fill out the entire application. Note there are four questions at the bottom, one which requires a video to be created.
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If you responded "partner/other" to the previous question, it is required that you detail here your work and relationship as a partner with a state or local health department.
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Below please provide two references. Include first and last name, organization, job title, phone number, email address, and your relationship (including the length and nature or your relationship). By providing this information, you acknowledge and consent to the PHRASES Project Staff contacting your references to verify any of the information you have provided in this application.
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Please upload your resume/CV here in either a word document or PDF document.
Application Questions
1. Why do you want to be a PHRASES Fellow? Please create a video, no more than two minutes, that answers this question. We would be interested in knowing your professional goals and how they relate to the goals of the Fellows program. *
Please upload your video to youtube or vimeo as a private or unlisted video and paste the link below.
2. The PHRASES Project aims to address the gaps in communication between public health professionals and decision makers in other sectors. Do you agree there are gaps? Why do you think there are gaps? Please share an experience you’ve had where these gaps were apparent. (character limit: 3,000) *
3. Effective communication is key to engaging with other community partners. Please share an example of when you used effective communication to collaborate with community partners to address a community health challenge. (character limit: 3,000) *
4. The PHRASES Fellows will play a crucial role in publicizing and promoting the PHRASES toolkit after it has been launched. Please share three ideas you propose to accomplish this goal. Note: there may be a small pool of funds available to you to fulfill these duties. (character limit: 3,000) *
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