Science Educator's Day (EDAY)
Sunday 16 October 2016 13:30-16:30 (1:30 pm- 4:30pm) EST

Join us in Rochester, NY for a free lunch and learn workshop hosted by The Optical Society Foundation (OSAF) in partnership with the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) and The Optical Society (OSA) Rochester Local Section for K-12 educators! This program will focus on light and color through fun, hands-on, and even *edible* science experiences. Participants will engage with a variety of take-home items for demonstration with their students.
- Learn about the components of white light with a "Rainbow Peephole," how some animals see patterns invisible to the human eye with "Magic Stripes," and how materials can change color with the "Magic Patch."
- Learn about color absorption and reflection as we predict the colors of M&M's under different colors of light and as we observe how light travels through colored gummy bears.
- Learn about color transmission as we observe the world through filters made of Jell-O.
Participants will walk away with a variety of resources for their students and multiple lesson resources appropriate for K-12.

We hope that all attendees will leave this program with the confidence to engage their students with optics and photonics in the classroom!

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