St. Mary Parish Elyria, OH - Music for Funeral
An aid to help families who are preparing a loved one's funeral. If you would like to speak directly to our Director of Music, please call Mike Moore at 440-225-8558.
Your loved one's name
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Date of your loved one's funeral
Time of your loved one's funeral
Who is your Funeral Director?
What is the best phone number to reach you should it be necessary?
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What are your choices for music at your loved one's funeral? (Typically 4 or 5 choices are sufficient)
Listed are well known and regularly used songs. You are not limited to these, but any of these will certainly be appropriate. Most of these songs are in the Breaking Bread 2019 edition with the current numbers listed.
Is there a musical selection which you DO NOT want to hear?
Our liturgy calls for music at various times. In the event music is needed and you haven't chosen a selection, our Music Director will make this selection for you. If you have strong feelings about NOT wanting a particular selection, please list it here.
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