Food Safety Verification
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Person Being Verified? *
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Person Doing Verification? *
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Knows when Breakfast Food Safety must be completed by when? *
1 Hour after Open
Knows when Lunch Food Safety must be completed by when? *
1 Hour after transition
Can demonstrate how to calibrate pyrometer? *
Fill Cup with Ice, then fill with cold water. Pyrometer reads 30 - 34 degrees.
Demonstrates how to Sanitize pyrometer probe? *
Wipe with clean sanitized towel.
Sanitize Test Strips
Demonstrates how to use test strips for sanitized buckets? *
Checks every 2 hours, Temp is between 85 - 105, 50 ppm
Demonstrates how to use test strips for sanitizer sink? *
Checks every 2 hours, Temp is between 85 - 105, 200 ppm
Temping Products
Has 2 people doing temping? *
One to temp and one to write
Sanitizes probe between products. *
Temps "Center of Product" right when it come off grill or out of vats? *
Waits for temp to stabilize before recording it. Temps 4 corner for beef patties
Quality for Beef. *
2 of the 4 patties must be between 160 & 170
Demonstrates how to adjust times on the grill to meet Food Safety and Quality standards *
Knows what to do if any beef patties are under 155 *
Discard entire run, Wash, Rinse and Sanitize: Meat Spatulas, UHC tray & Pyrometer probe
Temps each Beef product on Both Grills *
Knows what to do if fried product portion is below 165 or 150 for fish. *
Puts portion off to side, allows to sit for 1 minute. Retemps, cuts in half at thickest point of product to look for signs of being under cooked. If still below required temp: discards all product, washes, and sanitizes tray and probe.
Demonstrates how to temp: Round Eggs *
Checks 4 corners / All Temp above 155 / Cuts highest Temp Egg in half and checks to make sure yoke is not runny. If yoke is solid and not gelled it is overcooked. Discard eggs that have been cut in half.
Knows how long products can be held at room temp: *
Canadian Bacon, Both Eggs 30 Minutes. Butter Pats 4 hours. Prep Table Condiments 2 hours. Reconstituted Onions 4 hours.
Knows how to temp Refrigerated Prepacked products: *
Holds tip of pyrometer between two packages.
Knows how often the UHC Trays and Grill Utensils and Cabinet Utensils need to be washed, rinsed and sanitized? *
Every Four Hours
Knows how often hands must be washed and glove procedures. *
All employees must was hands after returning from bathroom and at least once an hour. Blue Gloves must be worn to touch all raw product including vat product. Gloves must be changed if they touch anything unsanitary.
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