Online Summer Training with Internship and Project Work
Make projects with Ex-Qualcomm team!

“Creating Meaningful Experiences Through Project-Based Learning in Technology Education.”

Forsk Coding School Jaipur offers a 45 days long online summer training program with internship and project work for students pursuing Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to share your ideas, enhance your skills and are ready to learn how technology is transforming the way you work, join for this exciting summer program.

The technology theme of the program is Python, Git, REST API, JSON, Web Scrapping, Analytics, SQL, Power BI and Machine Learning and Web.

Program components:

1. Impactful assignments that drive your coding skills.
2. Develop acumen for solving problems around data.
3. Networking sessions and leadership speakers series from the industry.
4. Building capstone projects.
5. Get ready for your first job in the IT industry.

For more details, you may call at 9928492120 or write to

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