10 Years of CotR Survey
To enter this contest simply tell us your favorite moment(s) in Cardboard of the Rings history. The winners will be announced on the 10th anniversary special! (Each person can only win once)

The Prizes include:
Custom Alt Art Aragorn card by Aleksander Karcz
Nightmare Decks (Conflict at the Carrock, Grey Havens, Road to Rivendell, Black Riders)
Out of Print Official FFG Lotr Sleeves (Gandalf and Gimli)
2020 Cotr Swag (tracker box, quest holder, and spindown metal D20)
x4 Parts of the 2020 Fellowship kit (alt art cards, small deckbox, dividers, tracker)

You only need to enter one moment for either of the ages to be entered since not everyone has listened to the large backlog of episodes.

As a reminder, the 1st Age with Brandon as the primary host ended with ep 122 and the review of Mountain of Fire on Oct 16, 2017. The 2nd Age with Chad as the primary host started with ep 123 on Oct 28, 2017.
1st Age Moment
2nd Age Moment
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