WeeCycle Tagging Service Request
Please register as a consignor FIRST before completing this form. The deadline to request this service is two weeks before the sale date, and all items must be received by that date. Once this form is completed and submitted, you will receive an email with instructions. Thank you!
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Do you want your unsold items to be discounted during the half-price time on Saturday afternoon? If you choose no, your items can still be sold full price, but we STRONGLY RECOMMEND allowing your items to be discounted. *
Do you want your unsold items to be donated to a charitable organization (such as Holding Hands or Pregnancy Center)? A donation report is available online for tax purposes. *
Tagging Service Agreement
Oxford WeeCycle Tagging Service Agreement:
In exchange for participation in the Tagging Service offered by Oxford WeeCycle, please read and acknowledge your acceptance of the following agreement and terms as a consignor. The regular consignor agreement also hold true. Consignors agree to the following statements:
• Consignor earns 50% of all sold items (or 45% if consignor does not volunteer at least one shift).
• Consignor understands that a non-refundable $.20 per item (up to 300 items max) tagging fee will be assessed on the consignor’s check to pay for all tagging supplies (hangers, ink, cardstock, pins, tagging gun supplies, etc).
• The deadline to receive all items for tagging service is two weeks before the sale. WeeCycle will receive and tag all clothing items and hold those clothing items at the organizer’s home until drop off day, and WeeCycle organizers will then bring items to the drop off location. NOTE: WeeCycle is NOT responsible for damage/loss of consignor’s items held at organizer’s home in the unlikely event of fire, tornado, flood, or other catastrophic event.
• WeeCycle will also enter non-clothing items into the system (consignor must email these item descriptions to WeeCycle). WeeCycle will print tags and bring them to the sale, but the consignor must drop off those non-clothing items on the Friday before the sale. WeeCycle will then affix those tags to the non-clothing items at time of drop off.
• Items to be tagged must meet all guidelines stated in the Consignor Instructions document (found online). Items that do not meet these guidelines are subject to rejection and will not be tagged. Consignors must remember the following key rules: clothes must be laundered and must not smell of cigarette smoke or any other unpleasant odor. Clothes must be free of stains and tears and blemishes. Unaccepted brands (Cherokee, Circo, Faded Glory, Garanimals, George) will not be accepted. If any unaccepted items are received, they will be donated to Holding Hands or Pregnancy Center – they will NOT be returned to the consignor.
• Items will be priced fairly by the WeeCycle organizers according to our best judgment.
• All items will be sold for 50% off the tagged price at the half price sale time IF the consignor chooses “DISCOUNT YES” on the tagging service submission form.
• All items will be donated to a charitable organization after the sale IF the consignor chooses “DONATE YES” on the tagging service submission form OR if the consignor does not pickup unsold items on Sunday.
• Unsold items that the consignor does not wish to donate must be picked up by the date listed on the website or they will be donated to charity. There can be no exceptions to this rule. WeeCycle will not hold any items after this deadline.
If you have read the tagging service agreement above and agree to all terms stated within this agreement, please type your name below. *
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