Take Back Our Time Listening Project
We know that workers across Pittsburgh are being forced to work unsustainably long hours, go to work while we're sick, and juggle unpredictable schedules. We want to know how this epidemic of over-work is impacting workers in Pittsburgh, imagine what our community could be like if we could maintain a healthier work/life balance, and understand what key things need to be changed in order to strike a healthy, safe, and sustainable work/life balance.

How is work impacting your life, your health and your relationships with your family? What would you do if you had more time to spend with your family and in your community? What key changes need to be made to allow you to have a healthy work/life balance.

Tell your story! Fill out this survey to tell us about your experiences and ideas.

Or if you're more comfortable answering questions verbally, e-mail info@FightBackPittsburgh.org and an organizer will arrange to meet up with you for an interview.
Fight Back Pittsburgh collecting stories about how work is impacting all of us and our families, and what workers in Pittsburgh think we can do to make things better. We want to hear about how work is impacting you and your family and we want to tell your story, but we also want to respect your privacy. Tell us how we can use the information that you're sharing with us.
How can we use the information you're sharing with us? *
Section I--About You and Your Job
Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you work.
What's your name?
Are you currently employed
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Where do you work?
How long have you worked there?
Fewer than 10
70 or more
How many hours do you work in an average week? (include hours worked at all jobs)
How many hours did you work in your busiest week in the past six months? 
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Does your schedule change from week to week?
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Do you earn overtime or premium pay (above what is required by law) for working long days or excessive hours?
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How far in advance do you get your schedule?
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When you are asked to work longer than you are normally scheduled, do you have the option of turning down overtime?
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What are staffing levels like at your workplace?
Do you ever get sent home during a scheduled shift because there’s not enough work to do?
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Do you get earned or paid sick days?
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If yes, how many/how are they accrued?
Getting Sick
More than 12
In the past year how many days have you missed from work because you were sick? 
In the past year how many days have you gone to work while you were sick?
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Do you have any holidays off work?
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Are you paid hourly or, by salary, or per job or project?
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How much do you get paid? (per hour, year, or project)?
What industry do you work in?
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How old are you?
What is your educational background?
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Are you currently in school?
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Are you part of any clubs, teams, or community organizations? If so, which ones?
Are you part of any political or social justice organizations?
Do you have any children?
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If you have kids, how many do you have and what are their ages?
If you have kids, what activities do they participate in away from school?
Are you responsible for taking care of a family member? (Elderly parent, partner with a disability, etc)
What did you do on your last day off of work?
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