Boston Seminole Club 2018 Season Feedback
We hope you joined us at Battery Park for as much FSU football as you could stomach this season. If you did (or if you didn't) we want to know what you thought.

Each year we reach out and ask you for your thoughts on the season's game watch events so we can ensure we bring you the best possible experience to gather your fellow alumni and the Boston Seminole Club community.

Please complete the survey below, and stay tuned for announcements, events and involvement opportunities. For more information or to discuss any thoughts further, please contact us at Thanks in advance for your time, happy holidays, and go Noles!

2018-2019 Boston Seminole Club Leadership Team
Amanda, VIctoria, Melissa, BJ, Jeff, and Kelsey

How many game watch events did you attend this year?
Of the events you attended, please rate your overall satisfaction with our events.
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
Please rate your overall level of satisfaction with the following aspects of our events.
Very dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
Bar Atmosphere/Service
Menu/Bar Specials
Seating Availability/Visibility of TVs
Social opportunities to meet fellow alumni
Neighborhood options to visit before/after the game
Atmosphere (Game sound, annoucements, decorations, giveaways)
Club Merchandise Availability
Which factors are most important to you in considering attending game watch events?
What did you like most about the events?
What did you like least about the events?
What kind of events would you be interested in attending with the club (check all that apply)?
How do you think this year's events could have been improved upon?
Are there any other comments or suggestions you'd like to make?
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