Sai Dhyan Mandir - Monthly Recurring Donation
Dear Devotee,

Sairam to you and your family. Thank you for being part of the spiritual journey of Sai Dhyan Mandir since the temple was formed in May of 2019. With your generous support of your time with volunteering and donations (material and monetary), we have successfully celebrated many festivals at Sai Dhyan Mandir with many memorable moments and we have not charged any fees for participating in any of the Pooja's/events at the Temple.

To continue the same in the year 2021 and better serve our community with expanded hours and providing additional priest services, we are launching recurring donation initiative. This will also help support operations at the Temple with sustainable donations. With your support, we did big Moorthi pratistha in August 2020.


If your are interested in committing to recurring donation of any amount you prefer, please fill the details in the form below. As part of this initiative, you can PICK A DAY for the sponsorship of the operations at the Temple. If you choose to, we can display your or your family's name at the Temple as supporting donors for that day.

Once you fill the form, we will contact you to set up the donation with your preferable mode (like Bill Pay or Pay Pal etc). You can set up the recurring donation on our website at the donation link as well.

Please contact us at the following number/e-mail if you have any questions.

Sai Dhyan Mandir
P.S. At the end of calendar year, tax receipts will be emailed. If you didn't receive a receipt for 2020 donation, let us know.
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