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Youth Utilizing Power and  Praise Organization Code of Conduct
As a participant in YUPP ORG's programming,  I understand and agree to the following:
• I will respect myself, other people, other people's property, and the organization's property.
. I will be an encourager, not one who ridicules, makes fun of, or criticizes.
• I will deal peacefully with anger and disagreements.
• I will participate in 80 % of the rehearsals and events and contribute in a positive way in all group activities.
• I will obey the instructions of the YUPP ORG staff.
. During rehearsals, events, mentor meetings/calls, I will show respect by not causing disruptions and not talking unless called on to respond.
• I will use language that reflects a positive attitude. I will not use curse words or other foul language.
• I will maintain my witness by keeping my hands to myself: no tickling, wrestling, piggyback rides or inappropriate touching (which means: do not touch anyone anywhere that a bathing suit would cover). In addition, physical displays of affection such as kissing, full body hugs, sitting on laps, and lying or sleeping next to each other are inappropriate and being isolated or alone with another student is not allowed. 
*(AMBASSADORS) I understand that no internal dating is permitted while I'm in the program. 
• I will wear modest clothing. No clothing that is sexually suggestive or spiritually degrading. T-shirts or other clothing with evil, vulgar, illegal, or inappropriate content will not be permitted. In addition there should be: no midriffs, no low cut tops. Ladies are required to wear modest one-piece bathing suits or modest tankinis. Guys-no Speedos or sagging.
. I will not use cell phones, cameras or other personal electronic or entertainment devices during activities and services. Special rules apply to trips: Bringing these devices on trips is highly discouraged and according to the needs of the trip is sometimes prohibited. On some trips the devices are allowed but may only be used during designated times.
. I will stay with the group at all times. For example, if we are having a meeting in the youth center, I will not leave the youth center. If we are on a trip, I will stay with the group or in a small group of no less than three (if instructed to do
• I will not leave any activity, service, or trip before its published ending time without approval from a parent or guardian "in person" or by phone.
• I understand that teen drivers are not allowed to carry other teen passengers to a YUPP ORG meeting, activity, or trip without prior written consent from a parent or guardian. Sibling passengers are at the discretion of the parents and do not require written consent. Teen drivers are not allowed to drive along with or behind the group on youth trips.
. I will not possess a gun, long blade knife, or any other weapon at any YUPP ORG activity.
• I will not use, possess or be under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other illegal drugs at any YUPP ORG activity.
I will not engage in sexual intimacy or sexual harassment, and will not possess pornography at any youth ministry activity.

 I agree to my son/daughter participating in YUPP ORG and the activities run by the organization. I understand that every care will be taken to ensure the health, safety and welfare of my child. I realize and accept that in the event of my child's behavior adversely affecting the safety of the activity, the organizers reserve the right to return my child home or call parents to pick up.

Do you agree to abide by the Youth Utilizing Power and Praise Code of Conduct ?
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