Eleven Giants Tester Application
Please register your interest to test the Eleven Alpha - please only register ONCE for your preferred primary account. We cannot accommodate alt accounts at this time. Please make sure to have an account on humbaba.elevengiants.com at the time of sign-up. We reserve the right to reject any applications.
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What is your Eleven/Glitch name? *
Please check the following boxes to indicate you understand the terms of the Alpha. *
There is a tester doll in your inventory that will get you out of jams. Please explore its functions and use it as you wish.
There are plenty of things that don't quite work yet - we pretty much know about all of them by now. Use the Bug Tracking forum to corroborate your findings.
The Alpha forum is the official place to ask all questions. If you do not see it upon receiving access to the game, log out and back in to force the forum to see it. If you still have problems, please DM Ladyceres on the forum to fix it.
Please check the box below to confirm you read the notes.
I acknowledge that I have an account on humbaba.elevengiants.com with the above information. *
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