Project Borealis - 2D Concept Art
Be part of something exciting!
As a 2D Concept Artist, you will work alongside Project Borealis’ Art Leads in helping shape the look and feel of the game’s environments, creatures, and characters.
Skill Requirements
● Strong proficiency with Photoshop
● Strong knowledge and understanding of anatomy, perspective and industrial design.
With expert use of light, color, and mood - particularly as it pertains to the Half-Life 2 universe

● Strong ability to digitally paint, sketch, and render with realism, dynamism, and emotion
● Strong ability to take ideas from the concept all the way through into a final illustration
● Ability to create and iterate concept sketches quickly.
● Ability to paint over 3D block meshes utilizing techniques like photo-bashing to achieve a realistic and cinematic look

Project Requirements
● The ability to engage the team with constructive criticism
● The ability to meet deadlines and hit milestones efficiently
● The ability to contribute and be a part of meetings and discussions
● A desire to learn and adapt new techniques in order to be the strongest artist you can be
● Must contribute at least 5 hours a week to Project Borealis
● A passion for the Half-Life universe and games
● Must have a Discord account
Additional Skills
● Ability to model in 3D
● Experience working with a team
● Professional attitude with other developers and team members
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