Interest In "Find Your Weigh" Online Event
I am thrilled to hear feedback from women who are finding hope through the "Find Your Weigh" book and Bible Study. Recently, I have had several requests for an online Bible Study.

I would like to gauge interest in an online study or chat group. Thanks for filling out this quick survey to let me know of your interest.
Would you be interested in a 9-session Bible Study online with Shellie? This study would be live and interactive. We would walk through the FYW book using the FYW Bible Study Guide. *
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Very much
Having taught numerous studies and classes, I find people are more committed if they have invested something in the process. Would you be willing to pay a fee to attend a 9-session Bible Study online with me ($5/per session)? *
Would you be interested in a group registration option? (This would allow a "group within a group" for discussion.)
Have you already purchased the "Find Your Weigh" book and Bible study guide? *
If I was to start a study, when would you like it to begin? The online sessions would likely be in the evenings - 7:30 ET. They would last 1 to 1 1/2 hours. *
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