Bedford Twp Road Resolution (October 2011)
Please take the time to complete this survey to provide the township members with a realistic evaluation of the current road situation, and your ideas to a smoother future.
Note: If your home value is $100k a 1mil proposal would increase  your taxes about $5 a month.

Created by; Machinehead2002
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Include your name, or Bedford Now user name if you desire.
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What road do you live on? include major cross streets.
Ex- Smith, between Lewis & Jackman
Rate your road condition
Within a mile of your home
Very poor
Clear selection
Please select the services you feel should be funded if put on a new millage.
These items are already funded by MI gas taxes SELECT ADDITIONAL FUNDING
What would you rate the current road conditions (Fall 2011) in Bedford township?
Very poor
Clear selection
If you had to pick a mile of road to repair in the township what road would it be?
Other than the road you reside on. Include cross streets. Ex- Samaria between Crab & Lewis
Select the 3 major roads you use the most
Do you support the current 1mil proposal being put on the ballot in November? *
Would you support a 1.5mil proposal in an effort only to resurface about 20 miles of road over the next 10 years? *
As opposed to the current 10 mile proposal by the TWP with 1mil proposal. ONTOP of state gas tax funding and federal funding
Would you be more likely to support a road millage if the resurfacing projects were given bid to private companies?
As opposed to MCRC, and with some written warrany of their services
Clear selection
Do you feel that the Township has addressed the ongoing road conditions properly?
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Do you trust the Township board (to use properly) handling the current funds or and addition millage funds?
Almost NO trust
Lots of trust
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Would you support a major retailer (box store)  in Bedford township?
With the exception of Walmart. This ship has sailed.
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Would you support an additional millage for increased Law enforcement in Bedford twp?
.5 MIL
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