Parmiter's School - Sixth Form Entry 2020
Please submit by 1 December 2019
Before completing this application form you are advised to read the Admissions Policy for Sixth Form Entry in September 2020 which is available on the school website:
This application form is NOT for students who already attend Parmiter's School
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1. All students are required to choose at least three subjects they wish to study at A Level.
2. Students who are predicted to gain five or more 8/9/A* grades at GCSE may choose four subjects, if they wish to.
3. Students who choose Further Mathematics will automatically study A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. These students must choose two further A Level subjects.
4. All students must select a “reserve” subject.

Please indicate below the subjects that you would like to study in the Sixth Form. These must be listed in order of preference. The list of subjects that we are offering, together with the course summary and entry requirements, are available on the school website:
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Subject Preference 4 (For students who meet the criteria to study four A Levels - See note above)
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GCSE subjects already completed.
List below any GCSEs that have already been taken and provide the grades below. Please note: This will apply to very few applicants.
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