AxBW 2021 Short Story/Poetry Submission Form
Submit your short stories and poetry to AxBW!

We welcome all writing showing off the writing talents of Bryker Woods students. Sonnets? Send 'em! Haiku? Have at it! Free verse? Feel free!

Submissions will be screened and curated into private digital folios accessible only by direct link.

Submission guidelines:

- Written work is submitted as text with basic formatting
- No offensive content
- No copyrighted material. All work must be original.

Preparation Tips:

- Keep formatting simple
- We will respect all letter cases and spelling errors and assume they are part of the piece.
- Be sure to proofread before submitting!

Most important: Be creative and have fun!

If you have problems with this form, you can email your piece directly to

Collected email addresses will only be used to contact parents if there are problems with the submission.
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