The 2019 Film Stage Show Awards—Ballot
The only award show that rewards the shit that matters. Enter your choices below and help us to decide who gets one of the most prestigious awards in all the world.
The Flight Award for Most On-the-Nose Music Cue
The "Is This Safe to Google?" Award for Most Porn-Like Title
The Forest Whitaker Award for Worst Accent
The Robin Williams Memorial Award for Best Actor/Actress Playing Against Type
The Drive it Like You Stole It Award for Best Car Chase
The No Peaceful Rest Award for Best Body Disposal
The Diamond in the Rough Award for Best Thing in a Bad Movie
The Ioan Gruffudd Award for Worst Hero
The Punchable Face Award for Most Annoying Character
The Collective Swoon Award for Best Smile
The Sound and the Fury Award for Most Nonsensical Plot
Wes Bentley in the Hunger Games Award for Best Facial Hair
The Film Twitter Anger Award for Best Problematic Fave
The Law of Nature Award for Best Malevolent Animal
The Man's Best Friend Award for Best Benevolent Animal
The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship Award for Best Final Line
The Triple 9 Award for Best Movie They Told You Not to See
What Film Do You Wish We Had Covered That We Did Not?
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