Special Olympics Michigan General Orientation Quiz
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The Special Olympics mission states that athletes should be given continuing opportunities to:
The first International Special Olympics Games were held in:
The Special Olympics headquarters are located in:
All of the following are sports offered in Special Olympics MI, except
An athlete of which age would not be eligible to compete in Special Olympics
What percentage of the population with intellectual disabilities has severe or profound limitations?
Anyone using ______ is considered to be dealing with any blood or other bodily fluid
Athletes who have been diagnosed as a blood-borne contagious infection carrier are able to compete in Special Olympics?
Athletes are required to pay for which item in order to participate in Special Olympics?
_______ is a type of competition in which athletes compete in the fundamentals of a game, instead of in the traditional competition:
Individuals without an intellectual disability, who participate on Unified Sports teams with Special Olympics athletes are referred to as:
The program developed to teach athletes how to be public speakers and spread the message and vision of Special Olympics is called:
Special Olympics does not enforce sport rules?
Special Olympics uses a process called "divisioning," where athletes are divided for competition by:
A coach's certification must be updated every ____ years?
Athletes are to be training for ____ weeks prior to a culminating state competition
Athletes benefit from their participation in Special Olympics in which way(s)
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