Impact 89FM | WDBM - Artist Submission Form
Are you a published artist? Think your music fits with the vibe of Impact 89FM? You're in the right place!

Please fill out the following form so we can give your music a listen and consider it for our general airtime sound!

- If you are interested in having your track played on WDBM's airwaves, you must include a link to a track or ZIP file that can be freely downloaded (e.g, Bandcamp with a working download code, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
- If you would prefer to send a CD, you can find our address on our website; please address any packages to the attention of our Music Directors.
- Ensure that any submissions are consistent with the station's daytime sound and values. We are an Indie/Alternative station; we are not a country station, classic rock station, or religious praise station.
- Avoid music with profanity, lewd content, or anything that would be considered inappropriate for general listening audiences.

Please allow for a complete 3-4 weeks for a formal response. Keep in mind that though we can't guarantee your request will be added, we'll be happy to review and correspond with you.

For an update on your submission, please email

NOTE: This form is for our daytime sound: Indie/Alternative. To suggest music for a Speciality Show - listed at - please reach out to them on their specific social media platforms!
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