WHBPC 2019 bidding - preliminary information
This form helps the World Organizational Board know which communities are interested in hosting the ninth edition of the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship and what we can expect from them. This is not the final bidding form, but it is mandatory to fill it until 13 May 2018 if you want to host WHBPC 2019! No new bidders will be accepted after 13 May 2018!

After receiving your response you will be contacted by your local representative from the World Organizational Board. The Board will also provide assistance in the final bidding process and in the planning of the event! Where information is unknown, note that in the form! Bidders will have an opportunity to update and refine their bid prior to a community-wide vote.

Section 1 - Host Information
This lets us know who you are
Name of the host Club *
Website and/or Facebook page of the Club *
Contact Person 1 - Name *
Contact Person 1 - Email *
Contact Person 1 - Phone number *
Contact Person 2 - Name
Contact Person 2 - Email
Contact Person 2 - Phone number
Experience - What tournaments did you host in the past? *
Preferred time of the event *
If you had to choose one month to host the event, when would that be?
Alternative time of the event *
If you couldn't do your ideal dates, when else is possible?
Section 2 - Location and facilities
This gives us an idea of the infrastructure that you can provide
Address and name of the exact event location *
If you are exploring multiple options, let us know that too.
Number of courts *
Court sizes (minimum 36m x 18m) *
Describe the surface (material, smoothness, grip,...) *
Describe the boards (height, material) *
Do you have lights for the courts? *
Court access *
How many doors are there onto the court and how are they placed (are they at the back behind the goals, on the sides, etc)?
What infrastructure is available at the courts? *
I declare that I have enough helpers to provide everything stated above. I declare that all courts will have officially sized goals as defined in the NAH/EHBA rulesets. *
I declare that I will be able to provide all supporting material for referees in agreement with the World board's criteria. The minimum requirements are: Hat or shirt for every referee, defined court area with an elevated position/platform, whistles, stopwatches, scoreboards, matching colored overshirts for teams, writing material with clipboards, laminated rulesets, flags for goal judges. *
Section 3 - What makes your bid special?
This section is your chance to give us an idea about what additional things you are planning on
Food on the court
Live Streaming - Do you plan on live streaming? If yes, how many days and how many courts? Describe!
Accommodation - Explain all the options that are available nearby! (Hotels, hostels, camping, private housing,...).
Describe the typical weather conditions during your preferred event dates!
Are you planning on side events? Describe!
How will you promote the event?
Free text describing what other aspects are special about your bid!
If you have questions for us, please write them here!
Section 4 - Supporting material
Please provide any files that you find useful to support your preliminary bid. If you have images of the permanent installations please add them here! If you already hosted events there, provide photos of the courts!
Please upload all files here!
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