OPS - Report & Stop Bullying
Bullying is any pattern of harassment, intimidation, threatening behavior, physical acts, verbal or electronic communication directed towards a student or group of students that results in or is reasonably perceived as being done with the intent to cause negative educational or physical results for the targeted individual or group and is communicated in such a way as to disrupt or interfere with the school’s educational mission or the education of any student.

Owasso Public Schools strives to ensure a safe environment for every student. If you have witnessed or received a report of a bullying situation, please provide information to an administrator, teacher, or counselor so the school and district can take appropriate action. Students may make a report and all information will be confidential, and if you wish have the right to submit the report anonymously. Please refer to the Owasso Public Schools Board of Education Policy for more information on Bullying. POLICY 5.13, 5.45 All information you provide will be confidential, and if you wish, you have the right to submit this report anonymously.

Please note that anonymous reports, according to state law, cannot be the sole item used to discipline a student.  As with any report submitted to school officials, an investigation will be conducted to determine the appropriate action.

Please complete the entire report responding to those questions that you feel comfortable answering and are able to accurately report.
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Person Reporting Information
Telephone Number:
Incident Details: School Site *
Incident Details: Date bullying occurred *
Incident Details: Time bullying occurred *
Incident Details: Name of Student Affected *
Incident Details: Grade of Student Affected
Incident Details: Name and grade level of student(s) initiating bullying. (if you don't know the student's name(s) describe him/her)
Incident Details: Description of bullying incident(s): where, when, & what happened. *
Incident Details: Name(s)of any witnesses and their grade level.
Incident Details: Have you or the victim missed any school or made any changes to your daily routine as a result of the incident(s)? (yes, no, unsure) *
Type of Alleged Harassment: *
Is this a repeat offense? *
Has a complaint relevant to this issue been filed previously? *
Inappropriate behaviors include: Check all that apply *
Once you click submit, your report will be routed to the site principal. Administrators will investigate all reports. Reports completed with contact information will receive a response within a reasonable amount of time. Thank you for allowing us time to investigate this report and for assisting us in our joint effort to stop and prevent bullying.
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